Do You Wish You Could See More Clearly?

If you could reverse your vision problems, are you willing to do what it takes?

I am  a certified Natural Vision Coach knowledgeable about Natural Vision Therapy (NVT) – something that can help with all these problems:

        • astigmatism
        • nearsightedness
        • can’t read close up
        • lazy eye
        • crossed eyes
        • tired or dry eyes

Here’s my challenge for you:

Do a search on the internet for “Natural Vision Therapy.” (NVT)

You will find many kits, books, audio tapes and products for this proven method to improve your eyesight.

The question I ask is:

“If you buy the tools, will you use them?”

Why you get better results working with a Natural Vision Coach:

  • Having a personal coach work with you, one-on-one, keeps you on track for your greatest vision improvement.
  • I understand the “why” behind the techniques, making them all the more meaningful and motivating for you.
  • I explain which tools and techniques will help you get the best and fastest results for your specific vision issues.

Make the intelligent choice and try natural vision coaching first!

Just imagine how cool it would be to be able to pick up a vitamin bottle and actually be able to read the label without ‘cheaters!’ Or, how free you would feel if you could just get in the car and drive without needing glasses or contact lenses to help you read street signs. You would feel confident, safe and never pass by someone you know because you didn’t recognize him or her!

This is all possible through natural vision training.

Natural Vision Therapy (NVT) is intended to restore flexibility to the visual system, resulting in better eyesight. NVT is like physical therapy for the eyes. Through stretching and relaxing, the visual system regains its natural focusing strength and flexibility. NVT gives you the skills to use your eyes, your body and your brain in such a way to get the best visual performance you can achieve.

Learn how to use your eyes and brain to get the
clearest vision ever!

I started wearing glasses in the sixth grade, and over time my eyesight got worse. I developed astigmatism in both eyes, tried glasses, contact lenses and finally got fed up with deteriorating vision. Because I found relief through Natural Vision Therapy, I eventually completed a training program to become a certified natural vision coach, and I am dedicated to helping you learn how to use your eyes the way Nature intended.

I care about your vision challenges, and think you will find natural vision therapy to be quite interesting, effective, and surprisingly easy to do.

I am passionate about helping others Reverse the Blur!