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The time I spent with Catherine was extremely insightful and gave me tools I can use for the rest of my life. I am motivated to practice the myriad of techniques she suggested and trust that the outcome will be improved eyesight. Catherine is one of the most informed, common sense healers I know, and I strongly recommend her!

-Tamara Brody

I had remarkable improvement of my eyesight after working with Catherine.
I continue to use some of the fun techniques she taught. At fifty-eight, I am greatly encouraged to know that I can unlearn some old habits of poor eyesight.

Elizabeth Rose Augustyn, MRT Catherine is a gifted sight coach and I loved working with her!

      – Elizabeth Augustyn, RMT




Catherine is upbeat and wonderful to work with. She has a wealth of knowledge to share!     – Laurel Iselin


I would write that you are very knowledgeable, read a lot and have the explanation to everything possible 🙂
I would write that you are very compassion and helpfull.
I would write that you can find a rite words for every person individually to explain staff.

But I do not know how to write about that nicely with my English…
– Lina. Stekolshchik


Catherine Williams got her formal Natural Vision Coach training and certification through my program, but she had already been learning about the Bates Method and many other natural health modalities for years. Catherine has a deep understanding of a wide variety of natural vision improvement techniques and can help you find the best ones for your eyesight condition. She also has a rare gift in her ability to craft just the right affirmations and visualizations to help you understand and believe in your vision again.   greg-teaching

Greg Marsh, CNVT, CCHt, CWC
Vision Improvement Center
Fort Collins, Colorado




Currently I received 4 sessions of Vision Therapy with Catherine Williams during a 3 month period. Noticeable improvements are:

  • Night driving has improved by 50%. I was restricting myself to social events that I absolutely had to make and to be home by 10 pm-ish. My physical fatigue at the end of the day doesn’t seem to effect my vision and visual field as much or in the same way it use to. I feel that I could drive to Denver and pick up a friend at the airport which I would not have wanted to do before.
  • Can use one of the exercises to adjust visual fatigue successfully. This is great when I still have computer work to do.
  •  Another exercise allows me to read small print when I have forgot my reading glasses. This also works for dim lighting and faint print which I could not read at all without my reading glasses.

I highly recommend Catherine. She is clear, concise, and informative in the educational process. I had done some Vision Therapy several years ago. Catherine’s therapy has been more effective and the processes are easy to do and to apply as situations come up.

Susan BlueSusan Blue
Colorado Springs, CO




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