A Typical Vision Coaching Session

 Before we meet, I will ask you to send me the answers to these questions via email:

  • Did you find me via this website, or were you referred by a friend?  Friend’s name:___________________________
  • Please describe your current vision situation.
  • Do you currently use compensating lenses?  ___ Yes   ___No   Glasses? ___   Contact Lenses? ___  Reading Glasses? ___
  • If so, what is your current prescription strength (if you can get this information), or the power of readers you buy?
    This is  the plus or minus number denoting your lens prescription.
  • Do you have any astigmatism?   ___Yes      ___No
  • What do you hope to achieve through Natural Vision Therapy?
  • Please describe your vision history, and how you came to have the vision condition(s) you currently have.  Was there any stress happening in your life, or with those close to you some time before your vision began to deteriorate?

In the first session,

  1. I have you fill out an intake form that includes a waiver.
  2. Then I assess where you are today with your eyesight.  I use standard, optical eye charts to measure near vision for reading and far vision for seeing distant objects to determine your “benchmark” as we begin each session.
  3. Based on your prescription, goals and the assessment, I determine which activities are most suited for your circumstances for that session.  What we do may change from session to session based on your needs and the progress you make as you incorporate good vision habits into your daily life.  We then practice the activities that bring about relaxation and awareness of the proper movements required for good eyesight.  Your whole body is involved with proper vision and I teach you ways to incorporate them in your daily life.
  4. I employ very specific activities to bring your awareness to the tension causing your vision problems and teach you how to practice these activities to restore normal function to your eyes.
  5. Often I offer suggestions to create mental imagery that will help you to move toward a positive outcome with regard to your eyesight.
  6. It is nice to be able to resolve any emotional issues that may have contributed to the disruption of your vision using specific techniques in which I am trained, if you are open to this sort of approach.   I have skills that are easy to learn and once you have learned how, you may use them later without coaching.  Of course, I understand that you may not want to delve into your personal history with a vision coach and it is perfectly all right to examine the originating causes of your vision issues with a therapist or other supportive practitioner.
  7.  At the end of our session, we will do another assessment using the eye charts to track your progress and compare them to the benchmarks we had at the beginning of your session.
  8.  You will leave with some printed materials that will assist you in incorporating what you learned into your daily life.  You will get many ideas to keep in mind as you move through your day using good vision habits.

We will discuss follow-up sessions to support you in your vision improvement plan.

One session will get you on your way to Reversing the Blur!


Contact me today, click here to reach me by e-mail.  The details of your vision story will help me to help you get started!