Suggested Reading

Books about Improving Eye Sight Naturally

Here are a few suggested books you may want to read to get a background in the methods to improve your eyesight.

Just remember that your vision will improve to the degree you are committed to using these methods.

There are many authors in this field and a quick general search on the internet will yield a very long list of books.

Rather than be overwhelmed with information, why not contact me for a quick explanation and to see if natural vision therapy is a fit for your situation?  Click here.

1. The Bates Method of Better Eyesight Without Glasses, William H. Bates

2. Take Off Your Glasses and See, Jacob Liberman

3. Better Vision Now, Clara Hackett

4. How to Improve Your Child’s Eyesight Naturally: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide, Janet Goodrich

5. Self-Healing: My Life and Vision, Meir Schneider

6. Go to:  Scroll down to: “The Dirty Details”

7.  The Brain’s Way of Healing, by Normon Doidge M.D.

8.  The Open-Focus Brain, by Les Fehmi, PhD

I’ll help you Reverse The Blur without straining your eyes reading all these books!