Seeing Results

How soon can I expect results?


Some people correct their vision in minutes and others take more time.

It takes as much time in life to see poorly as it does to see clearly.

Once you learn the methods of healthy eye movement and relaxation, expect big changes in your ability to see!

A realistic answer is that it may take several sessions to learn the basics of good vision habits, and you can certainly continue coaching to keep your behavior in alignment with your goals, but results with Natural Vision Coaching sessions really depend on:

    • YOUR commitment
    • YOUR daily practice
    • YOUR resolution of issues that may be the underlying cause of blurry vision.

In order to have these methods work for you, first you learn how to do them, and then commit to practicing, and playing with them so they become habits for life!

Take control of your vision for the rest of your life!


Are the results permanent?


If you went to the dentist, to get your teeth cleaned, would you expect that you would never have to floss or brush your teeth again?

If you went to the hairdresser and got a haircut, would you expect that it would look like that forever?

The improvement in your vision is as permanent as your ability to sustain good vision habits.

Like any habit, good vision habits can become automatic.

Lasting results take vigilance and commitment, and I am here
to help you Reverse The Blur, naturally.