Industry Development Expo, Shenzhen, China

Baoan Industry Development Expo, Shenzhen, China

 Read This! Subscribe to newsletter and get updated with upcoming trade shows, trade fairs, exhibitions and trade events worldwide. Dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, AI technologies are expected to boost global GDP by a further 14 per cent by 2030 – the equivalent of an additional US$15.7 trillion – and China, as the world’s second largest economy, will see an estimated 26 per cent boost to GDP by that time, the PwC report said. To help reach that goal, China aims for sales of 100,000 domestically produced industrial robots a year by 2020, up 49 percent compared with last year, the IFR said in a statement at an industry summit in Shanghai, where the Chinese federation’s chief was speaking. Another recent article states that a survey of six key Chinese robot manufacturers showed that their combined output increased from 2,000 robots in 2011 to 3,200 in 2012.” Last, but certainly not least, Foxconn claims to have manufactured and installed at least 20,000 industrial robots in China in 2011 and 2012. Our magnetic components portfolio includes both power and signal products, used for transportation and industrial applications and we have one of the industry’s most extensive lines of precision and trimming potentiometers, panel pots and tactile switches. It’s why even nowadays we still have so many people with this image that products coming from China are all shoddily made or clones of american/european products, when in fact not only China controls the vast majority of production for most electronics we use in a daily basis, several design decisions and technology advances also happen there.

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