Catherine’s Story

When you begin to think about improving your eyesight without using glasses, contacts or surgery, there are probably some questions you have in mind!

How can something called Natural Vision Therapy make any difference at all?

Especially if I’ve worn glasses most of my life?

If this is real, how come nobody seems to know about it?

Why didn’t my doctor tell me about vision therapy instead of prescribing glasses?

Well, these are good questions.

Natural Vision Therapy is real and it has helped thousands to recover their
clear eyesight.

But if it helps to get rid of so called corrective lenses or avoid costly corrective surgery, why would anyone in the “blurry vision” business even mention it?

Most eye care professionals have their entire education and business invested in making certain your eyes NEVER improve.

I became nearsighted in sixth grade and over the years, I developed astigmatism. Glasses helped, but when I no longer wanted to have spectacles hanging on my nose, I turned to contact lenses. Problem was that I have dry eyes and contact lenses were difficult for me.

I went hunting for an alternative and found Natural Vision Therapy (NVT), in the style of its originator, William H. Bates, M.D.  In short order, I passed the driver’s vision test in California with 20/40 vision and was on my way! Later, however, I moved to Colorado Springs and needed to see better than that to be able to read street signs in order to find my way in a then unfamiliar town. Out came an old pair of glasses (why do we hang on to things like that?) and my vision soon degraded.

At that time, Colorado Springs had no “natural” vision therapists. I did find conventional vision therapy which was quite expensive, and in time, it did help me gain some improvement in my vision and I passed the Colorado driver’s test. Conventional vision therapy uses exercises, while Natural Vision Therapy is based on relaxation.

I could see great for several years when quite unexpectedly, my husband began to suffer some serious health issues and the stress from those events weighed heavily on my ability to see.

Emotional stress can contribute to vision difficulties.

We humans evolved as an outdoor species gifted with far vision in order to see prey, or distant threats. Today, modern society keeps us indoors, and insists that we learn to read at an early age. These are unnatural stressors. Our young, still developing eyes strain to decipher the letters of the alphabet. We struggle for achievement and recognition in school. Add all these things together with the general fast-paced, competitive society in which we live, one can easily understand why eyesight can become strained, resulting in blurry vision.

This is not just about children.

If you think it is inevitable that grown ups will eventually have to wear reading glasses – think again. It’s all the same thing. Stress and strain affect the eyes of grownups as well as children. There are errors in the use of your eyes and pressure from the stress you have in your life.

The secret to clear vision is in how you use your eyes, and
preventing the stress in your life from damaging your eyesight.

You see, I have been back and forth, up and down with the whole vision thing.  Eventually I took a Natural Vision Certification Training and I now UNDERSTAND principles of eyesight that eluded me before.

Now I know the “secrets” to maintaining good vision for life!

You know, it takes just as much time to see CLEARLY,
as it does to see poorly.

I would love to help you come to the same knowledge and deep understanding so you too can see clearly for the rest of your life!

It’s easy, it’s fun and it just takes commitment to employ the activities in your daily life. Choosing a natural vision coach is a bit like being in training as an athlete or dancer. You may have the basic moves, but to execute them to perfection, the assistance of a coach is probably your best choice.

Contact me today, click here to reach me by e-mail.  The details of your vision story will help me to help you get started!